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WARNING: is totally free. No upgrades or payments required. We often get emails from users before they join asking if it’s really free. Yes it really is and it’s also high quality, check out our tour!

Local matches

Set your city and your approximate location is set, we don’t use exact locations to protect our members privacy. You can then choose the maximum distance you’re willing to travel, for example setting distance to 50 miles will show everyone matching your preferences within 50 miles of your selected city.

Messages / Live Chat

Fancy the idea of just jumping into the live chatroom and talking to people all over the world or do you prefer more privacy with direct messages? caters for both.

Our direct message system allows you to attached pictures if you want to get to know someone better. There is no need to leave the site for another chat system, you can keep your identity private until you’re ready to date.

Live chat is a lot of fun and a great way to spend a few hours making friends all over the world. It also has some extra feature like private live chat, blocking of unwanted users and some secret commands to add special effects to other peoples avatars. For example, if you type ‘glasses username’, where username is a person in the chatroom it will draw glasses on their picture. There are lots more, so experiment and see what you can find!

Your Favourites

With “add to my favourites” feature you can add anyone to your favourites list and you will have easy access to find them on your next visit. If they add you in their favourites you can see their private pictures. Private pictures is an ideal way to avoid having to send the same pictures again and again to people you chat with. One click and they can see them and one more click and you can remove access.

Mobile / Tablet / PC

Any device, any size, any location. If it connects to the internet it’s like it will work flawlessly with Start a conversation on your laptop, go out for the day and continue on your mobile. You can be connected to 24 hours a day if you wish!


Safer dating is very important to us and to our members. We cannot stop people lying and making false statements but we try hard to remove them and give our users the tools to report them. We have a dedicated page on safer dating so please read it.

In addition we have an automated tool that helps you make a decision about other members. The Scametics tool is shown on every profile and is adjusted each time a user doesn’t something wrong. Of course it can make mistakes, but it can be helpful if you have doubts about another member.

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