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We want our members to meet other members in real-life but you should always be careful when meeting someone new. Please read this page to ensure you have a good understanding of some of the best practices for safer dating. Please note this list is not exhaustive, there will be other things you can do.

Fakes and scammers

Before you meet up with a new date you will interact with people online. Some of these people will not be genuine, they will be scammers or fakes. We don’t generate fake profiles like some sites but we cannot stop someone lying when they create a profile. Always be cautious when you communicate online and consider the following:

Fake pictures

If someones picture looks like a super model then it probably is. They may have stolen it from another site and uploaded it to their profile. You can alway drag and drop a users picture into a Google Image search and it will show you all sites that have that image. This is a quick way to see if someone has stolen a picture.

Never send money

If you never send any money to another user then you can never loose any money to a scam. This sounds simple but sometimes people want to believe a scammer is genuinely interested in them. If anyone ever asks for money they are a scammer or an escort so report them and move on.

Never join another site

Some scammers ask you to join other sites, they will earn money every time someone joins. They may get between $2 to $10 per person. They make a fake profile and spend all day chatting and asking people to come and join them on another site. They are not genuine people, they are frauds.

Identity verification sites

Other scammers will message you and then say they will only meet if you have completed a verification process. You have to pay for the verification and that’s the scam. Delete their messages and talk to someone else.

Don’t give away your email or social network details

When you are chatting within our site you are safer than on Facebook, Google Hangouts etc. A scammer will be chatting to lots of people and as these people figure out they are not genuine they are using the reporting tools. We can then delete the scammers account. This protects everyone who has been talking to the fake. But if you leave and move your conversation elsewhere then you are no longer protected. Scammers will always want you to leave our site and go somewhere else to chat. They will make excuses such as, ‘I don’t get to visit here often’, ‘This site it too slow or buggy’ (Yeah right!).

Scammers make excuses

Finally, scammers often have some issue with something to avoid being caught. Such as, ‘My phone is broken’, ‘I don’t know how to use my webcam’. If someone makes excuses then be alert!

Safer dates

When you’re ready to meet up with your date in person please consider the following:


Alway arrange a date in a public location. A coffee shop, busy bar, or art gallery. Never go to their house or apartment.


Use your own car or make your own way to your meeting point. Do not accept a lift from your date.

Tell someone

Don’t be shy, tell a friend that you are going on a date, tell them you met them on

Mobile phone

Take your mobile phone and make sure the battery is charged.


By following our suggestions on safety doesn’t mean that you will be safe. This is advice only.

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