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Contact and support

If you have any questions for us please get in touch. We have answered some of the most common questions we receive on this page to save you time.


When you join our site you will be sent an email with your password which you need to use to login and confirm your account. Our emails are always sent within a few seconds but they can have trouble getting to you if you have spam / junk filters or your email provide deletes messages before you ever see them. So check your junk folder and if there is no password email you will have to join again with other email address, your first attempt will auto delete after 48 hours. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo all work well, AOL, GMX and Mail are not so reliable.

Forgot password

This happens to everyone these days, just too many passwords to remember! We encrypt password so our support team have no idea what your password is. The login page has a reset password link, click this and follow the instructions, a new password will be generated. You can change this to whatever you want from the settings menu next time you login.

Deleting your account

We make it really easy to delete your account. Go to the settings menu and click delete account. That’s it. All data, all messages, all picture are erased right away. We are not like some other sites that making deleting your data difficult.

Picture uploads

We have a strict face only picture policy. If you upload something else it will be rejected and they are all checked manually. Please don’t be upset or offended. We want to make it easy for users to see what people look like and decide who they want to message.

Still need help

If we failed to answer your question then get in touch. If you have a technical issue or a how to question please be verbose, we need as much information as possible to help you.

For example, “Hi, I uploaded a picture and something went wrong”. This type of question could only get the reply, “Something was adjusted in the picture upload process”. The chance of that fixing your issue is remote. Better to say, “Hi, I uploaded a picture and I got a message that said the file type was invalid, but I did upload a JPEG, I have attached it to this email so you can test it yourself.”

Send us an email at the address below and don’t spare the details:

contact via email

This email address is a picture so you will need to type it, this is so we don’t get bot spammed. Everyone hates spam!

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